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Benefits Of RFID

November 10, 2020


In the previous blog we have shared the information on what is RFID and its application. Let us now have a look at the benefits that RFID offers:

  1. Increase in Productivity & Lower Cost:

Starting with how the RFID technology helps in increasing the productivity of business functioning & reducing cost; this technology requires less monitoring i.e. RFID applications are capable of automating the process of data collection from the actual location of assets, machineries, or other items. This automation results in cost reduction and increase in precision and consistency more than that of manual process. 

  1. Better Returns:

The RFID helps in improvising the gap of credibility between estimated stock available for orders and real-time stock existing in the warehouse and thus, helps in providing valid information on product whereabouts to the client. This organized process of RFID provides a service that generates economical differentiation and in turn promotes improved client satisfaction with the opportunities that leads to for better returns i.e. higher sales.  

  1. Improvised Data Capture Quality:

The RFID technology captures data quickly and precisely as compared to that of manual process. RFID captures data electronically which automatically reduces the errors during data transcription. 

  1. Process Shortening:

RFID technology can be easily incorporated with manufacturing or supply chain technology for instance automated pallet handling, stock picking systems, etc. wherein the time consumed in the process from placing order to dispatch and delivery of order can be reduced to a great extent.

  1. Enhanced Security:

Applying the RFID tags on the stocks and assets makes it easier to track them as and when required and can also be helpful in fighting against product forging.

  1. Accurate Management:

RFID technology captures data on real-time basis be it the details of data for stock or assets being moved and thus, helps in keeping the vital records up-to-date. Also, the management information can be made easily available through RFID technology for further planning and operational management purposes.

We hope you found this blog helpful! Feel free to contact us in order to get RFID technology implemented in your business.