Prince Computech's latest offering: BOX 9 Mobile Application

BOX 9, an exclusive mobile application by the software development firm - Prince Computech is designed strategically to make the employer's life easier. There is an increased transparency in the operations carried out in an organization with the help of our exclusive app - BOX 9 

The name stands for Business, Operations & Xpense, with individual modules for each feature. The application was recently launched in October 2019 and 43 number of organizations have been using the app successfully without any hindrance. The app was created with a mindset of aiding the employer in attendance and location tracking of employees especially in the sales/field work department. 

With the location tracking feature of the application, it becomes easy for the employer to know where the employee is currently located. As soon as the employee enters his/her attendance, his/her location is also stored with the employer in an instant. 

With another important feature of expense recording, the application makes it smoother for both, the employee as well as the employer, to enter and approve the expense requests respectively. However, it also gives the employer to approve the amount fully as well as partially, in case the employer feels the need. 

In conclusion, this application is a one-stop-shop for any kind of an organization to maintain records, without the hassle of saving and storing tangible print materials, and check for transparency at any and every point of operation. 

Many more customized features are yet to come. So Stay Tuned!