BOX 9 - Your organization's virtual manager

BOX - 9 (Business Operations Xpense), the newly designed mobile application by Prince Computech, as introduced in the previous blog (link to the previous blog) has numerous benefits for an organization with any and every type of structure.

For firms, that find it difficult to accommodate an entire Admin department to keep a record of the employee's attendance, leave records, holiday lists, expense incurred, reimbursements, etc., BOX - 9 comes to the rescue. The organization just requires a license of the application for a specified term and add all of its employees in the application's records. All the above tasks are then taken care of by BOX - 9, in the blink of an eye.

Be it a small organization with 7-10 employees or a mid-level firm with more than 30 employees, BOX - 9 caters to the requirements of both. With two modes of Attendance punching; Selfie mode or the Manual mode, the application gives the employees a choice to either record their attendance by clicking a selfie at the office/field (as per the situation) and mark their attendance or manually mark the attendance just with a single click. The innovative features make the application stand out of the rest.

Another significant benefit of the application is that in the Expense Management module, the application lets you update your transactions and immediately notifies the expense approver of the same. The approver is given an option of either approving the amount fully, partially or not at all, as deemed reasonable by him/her.

For organizations aiming at reducing the workforce and instead taking the help technology to ease the operations and increase transparency in the everyday mundane tasks, BOX - 9 is the ideal mobile application to go with.