Our Services​

Technology is often misinterpreted as an alien and tough to understand “SUBJECT” by most of the people around; but we at Prince Computech endeavor towards developing a positive notion towards the use of technology and establishing progressive technological change for businesses in and around with an EASE. We don’t just create these interfaces; but also, we ensure that you understand them, practice them to the fullest and allow your business to flourish targeted revenue generation.

IT Specialists at Prince Computech simplifies the approach of industries towards technology. We are committed to provide customized user-friendly software packages (with editable version) and specialized IT solutions to industries for their ambitious growth strategies and desired profitability.

We intend to make data processing simpler for businesses. We create ERP systems engaged at assembling businesses to come alive. Every software and application of our (let it be web, desktop or mobile) is developed to modernize business operations with office automation, and easy reporting. We reach out to all our clients by delivering best of IT consultancies and online orientations of the software, as well as training, troubleshooting, editing and even payment gateway integration.

We at Prince Computech not just attempt to meet your demands; but also get them integrated into your business, conveying EASE at your desk.

Services Provided


Office Automation

Creating for you a step towards faster, efficient, and paperless office. We develop office automation systems that involves integration of both software & hardware solutions which can be further helpful in data transferring process between different systems without any human involvement. It also leads to reduction in time & resources, improves data storage and management, enhances business process.



Generating a system which organizes and manages your precious resources in the best possible ways. ERP software have always been a boon to the businesses belonging to any industry, be it healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing, etc. and we at Prince Computech develop custom ERP that improves the workflow, standardizes business processes, enhances customer service, data security & quality.


Business Intelligence

Developing a process for your better business processes and decision making. Considered as one of the most powerful& essential tools for organizations, Business Intelligence tools that provides valuable business insights, accurate reporting, enhanced data quality and more. Our team holds specialized skills in developing BI software for businesses which helps in analyzing, visualizing, and managing various business data.


Desktop & Web Application

Purely customized, powerful, feature-rich, and secured way of computing through Windows. Having a local as well as global access to your business operations is always a better option! We at Prince Computech holds expertise in developing integrated software solutions i.e. desktop & web applications that will serve your business purpose. Customized desktop application & web applications with editable version and a user-friendly interface also leads towards improved productivity.


Android Application

Assembling the multiple business functions and processes at your fingertips. Ever wondered the magic that this pocket device (mobile) can create for business operations? With the ability to perform various business operations at a single click, it even gets easily integrated with web application for complex technical customization at lower cost & higher (ROI) return on investment. Above all, android apps delivers a secured platform to business owners.


RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification or Real Fast Information? RFID technology acts as a substitute of standardized technology and it is also one of the low-cost methods which can be used for enhancing productivity, and accurate management. We develop for warehouse management, inventory management, parking management, and animal identification & tracking


Barcode Solutions

Barcode solutions acts as a time savior and cost reduction method to meet the business requirement of data collection. Apart from this, the added benefits of barcode software includes of simplified tracking of assets, improved efficiency & accuracy with database connectivity. Highly potential for businesses belonging to various industries like healthcare, retail chains, manufacturing units, etc.


Data analysis & processing

Customized softwares for optimizing various business operations. Essential for optimistic business outcomes; data analytics plays a vital role in enhancing stronger client-customer relationship. It is indeed a key that unlocks new insights for business development. Data analytics also leads to optimizing the security and stages of fraud prevention in any organization.